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How Audrey Niffenegger ended up writing a ballet by Hayley Campbell for the New Statesman

"Audrey Niffenegger knows nothing whatsoever about ballet. She's pretty blunt about this. Originally it was because like every other struggling artist she could never afford tickets, and then later it was because she had become the kind of opera person who has season tickets and a regular opera buddy she takes to every show. But Niffenegger does know about stories and wonder and the weird."


Death Warmed Up: The Ultimate Art Collection
A former antique print dealer from Chicago, Richard Harris has amassed thousands of artworks on the subject of death. As his collection comes to Britain, the writer and artist Audrey Niffenegger admires his morbid fascination

The Night Bookmobile
This is a serial graphic novel which ran in the London Guardian. There are thirty-two installments.

The Night Bookmobile short story in Zoetrope
This the short story which originally appeared in Zoetrope. It’s only the first bit of the story, if you want to read the whole thing, you can order this back issue of Zoetrope, but it will set you back $14.95. Just warning ya.

Poisonous Plants at Table (includes Prudence: The Cautionary Tale of a Picky Eater) 
From Sherwin Beach Press

The Ruin of Grant Lowery
The London Guardian asked three writers to come up with fairy tales for the 21st century. The other two writers are Hilary Mantel and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Creatures of the Night
A review of the Blake/Fuseli exhibit at Tate Britian.


Zola Books — A new e-book retailing site.

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Morbid Anatomy Museum

Museum in Brooklyn which specializes in "Exploring the intersections of death, beauty & that which falls through the cracks." The Morbid Anatomy Museum is located at 424 Third Ave, in Brooklyn, at the corner of 7th Street.

Caroline Groves, bespoke shoemaker 

Amazing shoe video!

Kenneth Gerleve’s website 

Audrey's Studio Assistant


Interview of eccentric plastic surgeon Joe Rosen

Jack Humphrey’s very useful and well-done timelines for The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Newberry Library

Highgate Cemetery



The Bird Machine

Artist and printmaker Jay Ryan's website

A Physicist Looks at The Time Traveler’s Wife

Ragdale Foundation