Raven Girl, 2013

Once there was a Postman who fell in love with a Raven. So begins the tale of a postman who encounters a fledgling raven on his route and decides to bring her home. The unlikely couple falls in love and conceives a child—a raven girl trapped in a human body. The raven girl feels imprisoned by her arms and legs and covets wings and the ability to fly. Betwixt and between, she reluctantly grows into a young woman, until one day she meets an unorthodox doctor who is willing to change her.

Raven Girl was created as part of a collaboration with Wayne McGregor for the Royal Opera House Ballet in London. I wrote the story and made aquatints to illustrate it. Wayne then used the story and images as the basis for his ballet, which premiered at the Royal Opera House in June, 2013.

There are six portfolio boxes of Raven Girl aquatints, designed and constructed by Ken Gerleve. The portfolio boxes were completed in 2015.

Raven Girl Portfolio Box

Raven Girl Aquatints