Audrey Niffenegger Art: 'Awake in the Dream World' Presents Surreal Portraits Of Mystical Women

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"The compulsion when I'm writing has often been: 'Let's kill them all!' writes Audrey Niffenegger, author of "The Time Traveler's Wife," in a piece for the Guardian. "I can make my characters' lives really quite miserable. I don't feel a duty to give hope or do the right thing, only to get inside the person's head and try to understand how horrendous some things might feel."

Niffenegger's tendency to tap into the psychology of her seemingly troubled subjects -- most often women -- shows up on her canvases as well, particularly in her first major museum show, a retrospective at The National Museum of Women in the Arts this month. In the exhibit, Niffenegger displays 239 paintings, none of which depict classical smiling beauties.

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