The Spring (and Summer) of Audrey Niffenegger

Excerpt from review by Rebecca Rego Barry for Fine Books Magazine. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

For artist and bestselling novelist Audrey Niffenegger--and her legion of fans and collectors (myself included)--this spring and summer is quite an exciting time. With two new books, a ballet, and a museum exhibit coming up, it might be her second wave. 

The first book is a visual novella, more akin to her recent The Night Bookmobile than The Time Traveler's WifeRaven Girl (Abrams ComicArts, May 7, $19.95) is a dreamy, dark fairy tale, obviously meant for adults. In it, an English postman falls in love with a fledgling raven from East Underwhelm, Otherworld. The strange pair conceive a child--a raven trapped in a girl's body, who becomes so distraught that she engages the services of a plastic surgeon to give her wings. 

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