IamA – Audrey Niffenegger on Reddit

Audrey will be participating in an IamA on Reddit this Thursday, February 13th, from 4:00-5:30 pm EST.

What is an IamA? Here is a description from Reddit’s faqs page:

Basically, /r/IAmA is a place to interview people, but in a new way. “IAmA” is the traditional way of beginning the description of who you are; “AMA” is the traditional way of ending the description; the acronym means “Ask me anything.” The interviewee begins the process by starting a post, describing who they are and what they do. Then, commenters leave questions and can vote on other questions according to which they would like to see answered. The interviewee then goes through and responds to any questions that he/she would like, and in any way that he/she prefers.

For information on how to participate, click here.