The Debrief's 5 Scary Books to Read this Halloween

Alexandra Heminsley of The Debrief recently listed Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories as one of "5 Scary Books to Read this Halloween."

Graphic novelist and author of The Time Traveller’s Wife has edited and illustrated this luscious collection which includes both new commissions and stone cold classics. Niffenegger has a lovely tone and the introductions really enable you to pick a story to suit a mood. “Dead is the most alone you can be” she announces, before launching into a bit of Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a beautiful hardback, the sort of thing you will keep for years. Lucky really, as you’ll probably only be able to manage a couple of stories per year. For example, Edith Wharton’s 1931 entry, The Pomegranate Seed, is heart-stopping.

You can check out the rest of her list of 5 scary books here.