7 Novels That Took Their Authors Years To Write (To Make You Feel Better About Not Finishing NaNoWriMo)

E. Ce Miller of Bustle.com, while lamenting the fact that she did not complete her novel in thirty days, finds hope as she lists seven authors which took their sweet time:

"The first November after I finished graduate school, it seemed like everyone was completing their novels quickly but me. During that post-NaNoWriMo winter, one Facebook status after another declared that someone else had written a novel in 30 days; all but pointing a finger through the computer screen and directly at my face, shouting "neener-neener!" Now, I’m not generally one to begrudge another’s success, especially if we’re friends — and I really love to read, so if there weren’t people out there writing novels prolifically, then at some point I could be at risk of running out of material, which would be terrible. But still, all the cheerful statuses made me a little nervous. OK, a lot nervous. Nervous enough to throw in the literary towel completely and become something far less intimidating — like a bunny wrangler or a mime." 
"It took author Audrey Niffenegger over four years to write The Time Traveler's Wife (and another seven to complete Her Fearful Symmetry.) The author herself admits to being a slow writer. Her reason? Because writing is fun. You gotta love that. Here's a lady who's written these two gorgeous novels — one a romance that transcends both time and space, and another about identical twins who uncover some devastatingly complicated family secrets — taking all the time she wants to do so, and totally owning it."

You can read the rest of her list here.