Virtual Memories: Episode 287 – Audrey Niffenegger

Audrey was recently interviewed by Gil Roth for the Virtual Memories blog. Here’s a description from the site:

In NYC for the Brooklyn Book Festival, author/artist Audrey Niffeneggerjoins the show to talk about her work and life. We get into her new collaboration, Bizarre Romance(Abrams), being Parent Trapped (maybe) by Hayley Campbell, her interest in taxidermy and what it does and doesn’t signify, how she shifts from prose to comics and vice versa, the allure of Chicago, getting consent to convert people into characters, writing the sequel to her best-known work, The Time Traveler’s Wife, how that book’s success changed her approach to art, how art school taught her to see, getting turned on to print-making as a teen by a book on Aubrey Beardsley, the books she’s still hoping to get around to reading, and plenty more! 

Click here to visit Virtual Memories and listen to this episode.